About Us


The P.S. 199Q community seeks to create a safe and supportive environment where children are empowered to become lifelong learners. 


P.S. 199Q's vision is to provide our students with a well-rounded rigorous education that nurtures the development of the whole child through increased emphasis on creativity and innovation.  In developing strong home-school connections, we will meet the academic and social-emotional needs of every student while building strong foundations that develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Instructional Focus

P.S. 199Q’s instructional focus is to support content-area academic discourse.  The components of this focus are: 

  • Students will participate in authentic academic discourse. They will work with engaging texts from multiple perspectives that feature big ideas and rich content. 
  • Teachers will work with engaging texts that promote high levels of questioning, discussion, and writing. 
  • School leaders will maintain high expectations for both students and staff.  Leaders will provide professional development and targeted feedback from observations to support content-area discourse.