Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

PTA Committee

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We are seeking volunteers to join the PTA Nomination Committee. The nominating committee shall consist of three to five volunteers, none of whom are members of the executive board or plan to run for office.

The nominating committee shall solicit nominations for candidates from the general membership and individuals may also submit their own names to be candidates for office in writing. In addition to written nominations, the committee may also provide an opportunity to accept nomination from the floor at a general membership meeting prior to the close of nominations.

The nominating committee will also be responsible for conducting the election meeting.

The nominating committee’s duties may include the following:

  1. canvassing the membership for eligible candidates;
  2. preparing and distributing all notices of any meeting pertaining to the election process;
  3. preparing ballots, attendance sheets, a ballot box, tally sheets and all other materials pertaining to the election;
  4. verifying the eligibility of all interested candidates prior to the election;
  5. scheduling the election at a time that ensures maximum participation;
  6. ensuring that only eligible members receive a ballot for voting;
  7. ensuring that the election is certified by the principal or designee immediately following the election.

If you are interested in joining, please email by May 3, 2021.

PTA Executive Board

Ska Ska Morales, President

Diego Caracundo, Treasurer

Hanza Usman, Recording Secretary

2022-2023 Meeting Dates

  • September 21 @ 6:15PM.
  • October 19  @ 6:15PM.
  • November 16  @ 6:15PM.
  • December 14  @ 6:15PM.
  • January 18  @ 6:15PM.
  • February 15  @ 6:15PM.
  • March 15  @ 6:15PM.
  • April 19  @ 6:15PM.
  • May 17  @ 6:15PM.
  • June 14  @ 6:15PM.