Tech Support

For DOE Issued iPads:

  1. The DOE iPads have LTE internet access already on there! If it's not already on, please turn on "cellular data" in settings. 
  2. For security reasons, students cannot download apps to the DOE iPads. The iPads should already have Google apps installed such as Classroom, Docs, Drive, Gmail, Hangouts, Sheets, Slides, and Translate 
  3. There is no passcode required in order for them to log on to Google Classroom on the tablets.  
  4. If you are seeing a screen that asks you to log in to a DOE page, you can find their DOE login at this website. Detailed steps on how to set up their DOE account can be found here. Their DOE account gives them access to all the apps on Clever, as well as Minecraft EDU (clicking office 365). Again, you should not need that login in order to use Google Classroom.
  5. They are handing out tablets in a strategic order, starting with students in shelters and in temporary housing. If your students haven't received them yet, check the order of delivery on this page.

Google Classroom Tech Tutorial