Family Letters

Grades, Attendance, and Messaging Applications

September 28, 2023

Dear families,

As we complete the first month of school, I want to thank you for your continuous support as we transition to using a digital platform as a way to increase school/home communication. That said, I want to let you know that this year, our school will begin to use the new DOE-created Grades, Attendance, and Messaging applications.

These tools are designed to help you monitor your child’s progress, increase your ability to stay informed, and connect directly with our school’s teachers and administrators while keeping your child’s personal information as safe as possible.

In the fall, all the information from these new applications will be available to families in the NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) Portal. Currently, you can see your child’s report cards, view attendance, update important contact information, and more in NYCSA. If you have not created a NYCSA account, please create one before school starts on September 8. If you need help creating a NYCSA account, please contact Ms. Becco at

Below, you’ll find a brief overview of the applications. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

DOE Attendance is an electronic attendance tool.

  • Families already have access to their child’s attendance in NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) Portal.
  • Teachers and school administrators will be able to quickly and securely update student attendance throughout the day.

The new DOE Messaging application offers multiple methods for outreach to families, such as voice calls, emails, and SMS texts.

  • Our school staff will be able to send families messages by course/class, by grade, or even to the entire school.
  • Messages can be sent in English and the nine DOE languages

Warmest Regards,

Kujtim Daliposki


23-24 Grading Policy